Dear Therapy Specialists Inc Patients and Families

We hope that you and your family are well. In recent days we have all seen a new reality regarding the concerns about the COVID-19 virus. We at Therapy Specialists are monitoring recommendations from the health authorities and are committed to providing the utmost personal care to our patients. While we continue to see patients in our clinic in accordance with the rigorous CDC guidelines, many patients in high risk groups are strongly advised to stay home and avoid social exposure. Unfortunately, many of these patients are the ones who need our care the most. There is additional concern for the long-term musculoskeletal health implications of abruptly halting or delaying the physical and occupational therapy intervention. Per Director's  of Ohio Department of Health "Stay-At-Home Order",  Physical Therapy is considered  an essential service. 


Effective Monday 03/23/2020, we are excited to offer Telehealth Physical and Occupational Therapy Services to our patients. "Telehealth" means the use of electronic communications to provide and deliver a host of health-related information and healthcare services, including, but not limited to physical and occupational therapy related information and services over large and small distances.  

Under the current law, Medicare does NOT cover Telehealth physical and occupational therapy services.

Some commercial insurance companies DO cover telehealth PT and OT services. We will do our very best to verify each individual’s telehealth PT/OT benefits to ensure coverage prior to your visit.

To our patients whose insurance policies do not cover telehealth PT/OT services and our Medicare beneficiaries, we are offering a discounted private-pay rate during this COVID-19 crisis.

You can schedule your Telehealth appointment by calling 216-464-8460 or by requesting an appointment on our website.  Please print out the folloing form, sign and either fax the copy to (216)360-8768 or take a picture with your smart phone and email the image to info@therapy-specialists.com. 

We look forward to continuing to be a partner in your health and wellness journey and taking steps to deliver the valuable therapy services in a safe and productive environment.

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