Do I need a prescription from my doctor to receive physical or occupational therapy?

By law you do not need a prescription. This is called direct access. However, some insurance companies require a prescription in order to pay for services. Medicare always requires a prescription.

Which insurance companies are Therapy Specialists affiliated with?

Aetna Anthem AARP
Auto Bureau of Workers' Compensation Cigna
Devoted        Emerald Health Great West Humana
Medicaid Medical Mutual Medicare
PHCS Summa United Health Care Systems
Various Local Unions



Within these insurance companies there are multiple policies with many levels of benefits. Please check your specific coverage with your carrier according to your individual policy and group number. Web site addresses of these providers are available at our Links page.

Will my insurance company pay for my therapy?

We participate in most of the major insurance companies provider panels including Medicare. Every insurance policy has different benefits, co-pays and deductibles, which change yearly. We will do everything we can to help you determine exactly what your benefits are, how many visits are allowed and what restrictions may be applicable. Ultimately the financial responsibility is yours. We have provided a list of the insurance companies with whom we have participation agreements with their websites. Please refer to the links page on the navigation bar to find this extensive list.

Do you take care of the billing?

Therapy Specialists contracts with MEG Billing Services located in Florida to process your bill. They submit your charges electronically on a weekly basis and send you monthly statements. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to call Victoria at 216-464-8460.

My injuries were caused by a car accident. What should I do?

You have 3 options as to how your services will be billed and this choice needs to be determined at the beginning of treatment. We are equipped to bill your automobile insurance, the party at fault's automobile insurance, or your health insurance. Each of these has special circumstances. Please refer to the Forms page, Personal Injury Policy Form for the complete explanation. We do not accept letters of protection.

I have an injury caused by my work. What should I do?

A physician must see you and that physician needs to complete a C-9 form. This form needs to be approved and we must have a copy of it in our records to proceed. The C-9 gives us the pertinent billing information so that we can assure you that treatment will be covered by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

Do therapists at Therapy Specialists belong to a professional organization?

Yes, all the therapists here belong to either the American Physical or Occupational Therapy Association or the American Occupational Therapy Association. In addition, the therapists at Therapy Specialists belong to Special Interest Groups (SIG) within their national associations such as the Oncology SIG, Orthopedic SIG, Sports SIG and Hand Therapy SIG.

Will one therapist or many see me? How can I keep in touch with my therapist? Will you talk with my doctor?

We pride ourselves on the high level of communication we maintain with our patients and with their physicians. We consider therapy a team effort: patient physician and therapist. We are a small practice, 3 therapists, So you will be evaluated by one therapist. If your work or vacation schedule dictates a need for more flexibility, you may be scheduled with two of us. You will always be informed before and always have a choice. We try to always accept patient phone calls when we are in the office. We also have email communication, which will be answered within 24 hours. At your first visit you will be given a patient folder with a written explanation of your injury and pictures of your home exercises. After your initial evaluation a letter is sent to your doctor explaining our findings, our goals and your treatment plan. On subsequent visits to your physician we will give you a note to carry with you to keep your doctor informed of your progress. In addition, most of our referring physicians are very prompt in response to our phone calls to them.

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