Returning To The "New Normal" 

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have stopped much of the world. One thing that the virus has not stopped is pain and injury. Maybe you were seeing your PT or OT when stay at home orders were issued. Maybe you've been having more pain and soreness in your back or neck because of all the time you've spent in front of the computer working at home, or maybe you hurt yourself over the weekend doing some yard work or exercising to relieve stress. 

As our leadership prepares to re-open America and return to the “new normal,” we at Therapy Specialists continue to provide in-person physical, occupational and massage therapy in accordance with the rigorous CDC and the local public health regulations such as: 

  • Screening for COVID-19 symptoms and temperature taking before each session. 
  • Modifying scheduling to stagger patient flow to avoid inter-patient contact and ensure proper distancing.
  • Mandatory use of a face mask and gloves, which we provide.
  • Using the CDC approved cleaning disinfectant and sanitization products on all surfaces, equipment, machines, modalities, bottles and handles before and after each therapy session.
  • Placing multiple alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the clinic to allow frequent hand hygiene.
  • Installed reception desk plastic shield; Eliminated waiting area; Placed six-foot floor markings.
  • Installed Advanced High Effeciency Particular Air (HEPA) Filtration technology trapping particles less than 0.1micros. (1)

Furthermore,  we now offer two additional service delivery options: Telehealth and Home-Based Treatment. 

1. Telehealth provides a viable tool during the time of social isolation and distancingBe ready to get creative and have fun! For many patients and therapists, televisits are a new experience so expect to work together and try new things to find what works best for you. At this time, all commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and BWC insurance plans cover telehealth services. 

2. Home-based physical and occupational therapy is availabe under certain insurance plans and allows for in-person treatment in the comfort and safety of your own home. For everyone's safety, your visiting therapist would utilize personal protective equipment. (Service is available within close proximity to the clinic).

We look forward to continuing to be a partner in your health and wellness journey and taking steps to deliver the valuable physical, occupational and massage therapy services in a safe and productive environment.

You can schedule your in-person, telehealth, or home-based appointment by calling 216-464-8460 or by requesting an appointment on our website 

1. Test data shows our HEPA filter (brand new or like-new) can trap particles 0.3 microns in size at 99.97% efficiency. Research data shows True HEPA-rated filters can trap particles less than 0.1 microns in size at higher than 99% efficiency. For more info, see, pp.11–21.

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